the wild hodgman, as seen in his natural habitat

I attended the wonderful Boston Book Festival this past Saturday. By all accounts it was a wild success, and I look forward to it becoming an annual event. I particularly enjoyed the “Net Crawlers” session, featuring the likes of David Pogue and the most excellent Ethan Gilsdorf (incidentally, my birthday is just about two months away). The day’s biggest event was the interview between Tom Perrotta, author of Election (among other things),¬†and one John Hodgman, a man with whom you are probably familiar (again, my birthday, it’s happening pretty soon). The interview took place in the main sanctuary of Boston’s Old South Church, a room that, in spite of what Dan Brown “writes” in his various “novels”, I felt honored simply to be inside. I snapped this picture during the interview, annotated for your convenience:

The Annotated Hodgman



  1. Tall One wrote:

    The dude on the left-hand side of the picture looks strikingly like Poppa Tasty from that angle.